3 High-end E-readers better than kindle

The first commercial E-reader came out in 1998. It could store 10 E-books, had 4 MB memory and 2 MB of RAM. From then on things have changed considerably. at 2015, there were already more than 83 million E-Reader users worldwide. Surprisingly, people of older ages prefer E-Readers more than people of a younger age.

These days E-readers became better, much better. Kindle has a big share of the market, but the bad boys you will see below will suit anyone looking for the best hardware.

Rocket eBook, The first commercial E-reader. Today’s E-reader can hold at least 1000 of these.

Onyx is a company that specializes in E-readers. They were founded in 2006 and they are based in China. Don’t let the reputation of Chinese products fool you – They have some of the best E-readers in the world, targeted for customers with the means and the motive to find the best E-readers.

ONYX BOOX 6″ Poke Pro – $245.70

The humble model of the series. Packing a warm and cold light, quad-core processor and a weight of only 170g. More expensive then your average 6″ E-reader but it comes with better specs.

Bottom line- For the 6″ enthusiasts looking for the best hardware.

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poke pro 6

ONYX BOOX Nova Pro- $380.99

This one can be compared to kindle oasis. With a similar 7.8″ and 300 ppi display, they share some common features. The oasis has an option for cellular connectivity, which this one does not. The kindle oasis had complaints about the lack of USB type C. the onyx BOOX comes with USB type c. The Nova pro also comes with a stylus.

How are they spec-wise?  The oasis carries a 1GHz dual-core processor while the onyx BOOX carries a 1.6GHZ quad-core processor. It has similar screen specs and the same amount of memory

Bottom line – if you want a reader better than the oasis, this is your choice.

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ONYX BOOX Note 10.3″- $610.99

The cream of the crop of E-readers. The BOOX note 10.3″ has one of the best hardware in the market. With a price tag of a tablet, there should be a good reason to spend your money on a black and white device.

It comes with a stylus and has features suitable for precision drawing. It packs 2GB of RAM and 32GB of memory. The company claims it has 2028 levels of touch input which means you can be very accurate with your sketches.

Bottom line – if you are a pro sketcher looking for a tailored solution, or want to read with the first line of E-readers, the onyx BOOX is a good choice for you.

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